Separated structural subdivision “Mukachevo applied college of NULES of Ukraine”

ADDRESS: 89600, Ukraine, Zakarpattia Oblast., Mukachevo, Tomash Masaryk Str. 32

TEl.: (03131) 2-20-20


Director : Yurii Sadvari

Director :
Yurii Sadvari

Honored specialist in Veterinary Medicine of Ukraine,
a specialist of the highest qualification category,
awarded with an honorary diploma of the
Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine.

SSS "Mukachevo applied college of NULES of Ukraine" is a separate structural subdivision of the National University of Life and Environmental Sciences of Ukraine (NULES of Ukraine).

The college works in accordance with the Constitution of Ukraine, the Laws of Ukraine "On Education", "On Higher Education", other current legislation of Ukraine, the Charter of NULES of Ukraine, the Regulations on a separate subdivision of the National University of Life and Environmental Sciences of Ukraine "Mukachevo applied college".

One of the priority activities of the college

is to expand ties with the National University of Life and Environmental Sciences of Ukraine. To ensure the educational process, practical training of future specialists

classrooms and laboratories
full-time teachers
part-time teachers

SSS "Mukachevo applied college of NULES of Ukraine" is one of the oldest, most authoritative educational institutions in Zakarpattia.

Its history dates back to 1921 – the time of the foundation of the agricultural school.

Nowadays, SSS "Mukachevo applied college of NULES of Ukraine" is a modern, multidisciplinary educational institution that trains specialists at 4 departments at two educational and qualification levels:


EPD "Junior Professional Bachelor"  

ED "Bachelor"


For 100 years of existence, the educational institution is proud by:

  • its graduates – specialists of the most honorable agricultural profession on earth;
  • its landscaped territory;
  • powerful material and technical base;
  • well-kept campus;
  • sports and recreation complex;
  • mini-zoo (with peacocks, ostriches, pheasants, chickens, pigeons, parrots, ponies, sheep, goats, donkeys, cows, many breeds of pigs (mangalica), rabbits, nutria, swans, etc.)
  • EIC "Crop production" (plantings of various fruit and berry crops);
  • modern veterinary clinic for the treatment of agricultural ornamental animals;
  • modern arboretum, plants park, etc.

Currently, the college educational activities provides training on the basis of basic and complete general secondary education at the educational and qualification level "professional junior bachelor" in the following specialties:


072 Finance, banking and insurance

081 Law


242 Tourism

193 Geodesy and Land management

071 Accounting and taxation

211 Veterinary medicine

The knowledge gained by young specialists at the college is the basis for the success of many enterprises and organizations in the country and neighboring European countries such as Hungary, Slovakia, Romania and Germany. The centuries-old path of development of the traditions of multinational Zakarpattia, experience, inspiration of teachers with their work, systematic improvement of educational programs, introduction of new forms of the educational process – are based on these components of the college.

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вул. Масарика Т. (Матросова), 32 м. Мукачево Закарпатська область 89600, Україна

  • dummy(03131) 2-20-20

  • dummy(03131) 2-20-20

  • dummy

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